ShirrStone Shelter
Lignum Corvus "RAMUM".
Miniature bisquit porcelain bjd
porcelain,wool,sterling silver,hematite bead.
Created 2013.

Our doll "Ramum" was created specifically for the thematic exhibition in Seattle,USA.This show takes place in Krab Jab Studio gallery,full January 2014.Exhibition is devoted to crows and ravens, is called "Quoth the Raven".


Вороны дух живет во мне,
ветвями устремляясь в небо,
корнями прорастая в землю,
храня зерно любви,
опустошая все сомненья,
гнездится грусть в моей груди,
и жаждет сердца просветленья.

rough translation


Corvine spirit lives in me,
branches rushing into the sky,
sprouting roots in the ground,
storing grain of love,
freeing all doubts,
living sadness in my chest,
and heart yearns for enlightenment.

copyright © 2013 ShirrStone Shelter dolls

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